turmoil and tumult

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somedays you wake up and your insides feel like the outsides.


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my country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty…

Thrift store days, Bacardi nights…

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TORONTO. Tonight is the first night of tour with the Cold War Kids and Ra Ra Riot. I’m so excited for all the adventures that the next five weeks on the road will bring and being able to see both these bands play every night will be the icing on the cake. I’m a lucky boy for sure…

Recession FUN!

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You know what makes me even more thrilled than all the headlines and coverups about the impending economic apocalypse? When corporations sell it all back to us with food. YUM! Don’t think critically, don’t ask questions, and for god’s sake, don’t eat critically either. It’s fine! We’re all totally fine. Totally. Fine. Shhhhhh, there, there, have another buttermilk biscuit. 


talk about a Fuck It Bucket...

talk about a Fuck It Bucket...


Mmm, my taste buds AND my wallet are watering...

Mmm, my taste buds AND my wallet are watering...


In case you are wondering, these are not photoshopped in any way. This was an actual coupon book that came to me in the mail.

This is how flying feels.(sometimes)

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I did an interview the other day with a journalist that asked me, “So how does it feel traveling so much?” And I really didn’t have a succinct answer for him. It can be fine. It can be a hassle. It can be easy. It can be stressful. Depends. So on my last weekend home before I head out on tour again, I thought I would attempt to answer this question in the form of a short photo essay. This is how flying feels:

Step One

Step Two.

Step Three.

Step Four.

Thanks to the folks over at Playmobil for making a toy out of one of the more hellish things about modern travel. Best part about this playset: The shoes don’t come off. But the guns do. Hey kids, Let’s learn about travel!

Playmobil Security Checkpoint

So long Osaka…

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Next stop: Australia. Yep. You guessed it. The gold man is going down under. Stay tuned. Until then, here are some tilt-shift fakes I made of Osaka. 

osaka ball

osaka arches

The Empire Strikes Gold

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I could do this forever, I really hope these aren’t getting old… 

golden momentgolden indecisiongolden jog