a statement of intent

I am an avid of collector of things. Small artifacts of pop culture that intersect with my life, trinkets that represent important moments, baubles that cause me pause, that sort of thing. I do not just horde junk. Everything has to have some sort of connection to and meaning in my life. I secretly like to think that if I were able to gather everything up in one big room and arrange it just right, so a stranger could see the vibrant totality of it all, they’d get a good idea of ME. Of who I am. Of my certain “nickness.” Because that’s all I am really, just a collection of moments in a fragile arragement of dying cells. This blog is a window to those moments, a vantage point from which, if you look just right, will give you a good idea of the person I am, the adventures I’m on, and the things I am gathering.


~ by colonycollapse on September 15, 2008.

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