The days of wine and donuts.

Last night in St. Paul, Minnesota was the first show of the Death Cab for Cutie dates opening for Neil Young and I am still, today, at a complete loss for words. How can life be so long, or so short for that matter, that I would be given this opportunity, that I would be allowed this magnificent experience? Everyone on the tour, I mean EVERYONE, from the band to the crew to the drivers to the caterers have been extremely humble, nice, and gracious. I didn’t expect people to be lame, I just didn’t expect them to be so down to earth and completely wonderful. I keep pinching myself. I’m dying to talk with Neil but I am worried about being too eager, hopefully I’ll find an appropriate opening and I can say hello. Funny thing is, I’m not interested in talking to him about music, I really want to talk to him about model trains. I’ve read that Neil is an avid model train collector, builder and aficionado and I would love to talk shop from one collector to another. 

As you might gather, I have been experimenting and learning about the tilt-shift miniature effect and photography recently and I made that image above of Neil’s stage set and band gear on this tour. I really hope I get a chance to share it with him, I think that it will appeal to the modeler in him. Here’s hoping.

I’m looking forward to the days ahead. I’ll keep you posted.


~ by colonycollapse on October 16, 2008.

One Response to “The days of wine and donuts.”

  1. Love it! – Great photo, thought it was a model before I read the post! Have to learn to do this – just picked up my first Olympus camera. Need to get snapping once the workload eases a bit.

    All the best mate,

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