Foggy London Town


The view from my hotel window.

The view from my hotel window.

I’m back in the United Kingdom again. The wind is gusting, the rain is coming down soft and sideways and I’m not going to lie, it’s dreary and murky here right now. I caught this brief moment of sun breaking through this afternoon right as I arrived and it seemed a perfect metaphor for my trip so far. Right now, this Nick is in the United Kingdom, but there is another Nick I left behind in San Francisco and the transition between the two has been difficult this time. I feel split and slightly schizophrenic and currently, horribly jet lagged. I am excited to be traveling Europe again with my friends, the music of Frightened Rabbit, and seeing some places I’ve never been. Like Belfast and the Hague. But my heart is also heavy and dark, missing the comfort and companionship of Kate and San Francisco. I’ll manage, but I am already looking forward to tomorrow and the next day, already looking forward to my return home. I am going to try and fall back asleep now, but I’m not sure if a) I can or b) if I should. All my body is telling me right now is: “Nick, close your eyes.” Oh, and it’s telling me to eat eggs for some reason right now too. Mmmmm, eggs. More transmissions to follow…


~ by colonycollapse on November 10, 2008.

One Response to “Foggy London Town”

  1. i’m sure you’ve established this as “nick harmer’s blog.” quite frankly, i know this is pathetic. but regardless of if you take value in this or not, it is my intention, if not my duty, to inform you of the following.
    death cab for cutie is far and away my biggest mortal inspiration when it comes not only to music, but everything in general. you guys are the local band that made it big. major label indie rock (paradox…?) I’ve been a bit of a super fan for quite sometime. in fact, i own not only a DCFC Union Local t-shirt, but i am the proud owner of an insound 20 t, as well… moving on.
    i’m a drummer. naturally, i’m a HUGE fan of jason’s. but i want to make it known that you and him together ought to be an inspiration to rhythm sections everywhere. i play in a band, but it’s note clicking like i hope it will someday.
    I’m rambling. apologies.
    truth be told, i can’t really even put it to words. i have all the albums. i STUDY them. I learn from them. i hope not to be one of these kids, but i could post note-for-not playbacks on youtube.
    accidental rambling. digital starstruck-ism.
    this is the failure of a love note that i’ve been destined to write since day one. just never got around to it.
    come to atlanta, please. we have much nicer weather here. (or if it’s a venue issue, my basement holds a hefty 23 people PLUS BAND)
    God bless.

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