Our beautiful day


rocks and rolls


I just can’t help it, I’ve got a spring in my step and a smile on my face and I’m in love with the world today. Thank you President Obama. Thank you for giving me something to believe in, to feel hopeful about, and thank you for something beautiful to be a part of and the invitation to be a part of it. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders today, that some dark, sticky worry that has been hanging around in the corners of my mind has been released. 8 years of President Bush has felt like some kind of intellectual, spiritual and emotional endurance test that I felt doomed not to pass. He’s gone now and now I hope that my worries, along with the worries and anguish of countless others, will drift away and glom onto George W. Bush and he will live out the rest of his days suffering the heavy weight of his failure and incompetence. It’s all yours to carry now, Mr. Bush, you’ve earned it. I’m sure you’ll put on a good public face about it, you will try and laugh your way and apologize your way out from the burden of your legacy but goddamn in those small quiet moments when you are all alone in your head, I hope the magnitude of it all closes in on you and you panic for air. 

Our country doesn’t need you anymore Mr. Bush, so please, go away now. We finally have a leader that will make us all proud to be American.

So what do I do now? It’s a scary thing releasing my angst, what will fuel me? What will motivate me to stay involved, to keep pressing forward? I’m so curious about what plans people are making. All this change and hope and new era talk is exciting, but how will it look? I wonder if it will be a difficult thing to keep people energized and motivated with such a competent, calming, confident man of action at the helm? What if we all just kick back and put our feet up and collectively say, “Don’t worry now, Obama’s on it, relax.” But I guess that is what President Obama means when he talks about responsibility. So I’ll make a promise to you that I won’t go soft, I won’t ease off the gas and I won’t hang back and watch others do the heavy lifting. How will I do it? I’m not sure yet, but check in once in awhile, I’ll post about my efforts here. 

What a glorious, beautiful day.


~ by colonycollapse on January 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Our beautiful day”

  1. Hooray and yay!

    I’m studying civil religion right now, and as much as I appreciate everything America means to me, much of that was formed over the last eight years. I’ve been pretty down on pragmatic Americanism regarding standing in the world, foreign policy, etc. I’d decided to withdraw my sentiments and try not to hurt too much. But Obama . . . in the days leading up to today, I’ve found myself awash in euphoria over the change of command. I won’t be as hard as you on the outgoing president, though he was predominantly lousy/disastrous. But with the inauguration, I suddenly have a sense of optimism and hope. I’m becoming civilly religious, and I didn’t even intend to! You’re right on about not sitting on our butts. We all have to engage to help the world (and I mean the whole world) become a better place.

  2. Obama says we should dedicate ourselves to service. That sounds like a good place to start, Mr. Harmer. Perhaps some work on behalf of the poor is in order? Maybe literacy or HIV/AIDS? Africa? There’s lots. 🙂

  3. I was an exciting day for everyone.. Not just for americans. Bush scared the shit out of me, and I too hope that he feels miserable and responsible about what he did, for the rest of his life. A new time has come and all that you can do is listen to Obama and support him. We all will.

  4. Nick – What a glorious, beautiful day indeed! And yeah, now its time to get down to business.

    You may recall me interviewing you the afternoon you guys were playing Brixton Academy in London recently – we talked about election day in SF and the political process in general…? The piece I wrote is now up here if you’re interested: http://thequietus.com/articles/00984-death-cab-for-cutie-holding-title

    Thanks for your time that day!

  5. But Nick, you are my president. I voted for you and you served…

    Thick reunion tour in the works? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    I hope all is well.

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