Almost Forgot

Close Calls

I almost forgot this amazing event. On my flight from LAX to Tokyo, about an hour outside of Tokyo, I opened my window shade and saw this! That is the engine from my plane in the corner and clearly another United Airlines flight racing us. I watched as the pilots of both planes sped up and slowed down and got pretty close to one another like they were just a couple of kids playing airplane games. It never was scary, but certainly something in all my years of flying I have never seen before. Here is another shot:

Hello there!

Strangely, I found seeing another plane comforting, like I wasn’t so alone. And it was beautiful to see such a huge vehicle be so free and nimble as it flew through the air.


~ by colonycollapse on February 12, 2009.

One Response to “Almost Forgot”

  1. i pretend that these pilots were once airforce buddies when they onced used their planes for war, but now they can finally enjoy flying with each other in friendly skies and play~

    i’m glad you remembered to post these pics =)

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