I love Black.

black black


It all started with this. Black Black chewing gum. I love the name, like some gum made by Dethklok and chewed by metal heads worldwide. The name inspires pure curiosity, what exactly does “black” taste like? Every time I visit Japan, I discover this gum for the first time all over again. There I am browsing the local convenience store and HA! Black Black! That’s Funny! As if I’ve never seen the gum before. I love this ritual and it makes me fall in love with Japan again and again. But this time on my visit so far, I’m beginning to notice that “black” is popping up much more frequently on packaging and signs and ad campaigns than I have ever previously noticed. A lot more. And so, I’m dedicating a photo essay to the word “Black” in Japanese products, advertising and media. Each time I see the word “black” on something, I’ll take and photo and post it. I cannot promise I’ll catch every use currently circulating in Japan, but I will post a photo of every use of “black” that I happen to see. Enjoy. 

black chocolates


~ by colonycollapse on February 12, 2009.

One Response to “I love Black.”

  1. I like “Hi-Technical Excellent”. I may have to use that as an album name.

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