Osaka Days

osaka owl

I’ve arrived in the final city of my Japanese tour, Osaka. I’m killing time in my hotel room at the moment waiting for the sun to go down so the neon and the night lights can come alive. I’m feeling a little blue that my adventures here are coming to a close, there is always so much to see and never enough time. I promise you Japan, I will return. And soon.


~ by colonycollapse on February 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Osaka Days”

  1. If you want to see a great slice of Osaka that feels like the 70s never quite left, wait until dark and get on the Hankyu Line from Umeda Station and ride it two stops down to Juso. The “spa” street is quite the sight, and there are more cramped side streets with tiny shops and bars than you can shake a chopstick at.

    From your Osaka venue, head north a block, then west and enter the Midousuji Subway Line at Shinsaibashi Station. From there it’s 4 or 5 stops to Umeda (I don’t remember if that line stops at Nishi-Umeda). At Umeda, head over to the Hankyu Line. Juso is the second stop regardless of which train you get on from there. The crazy part is just south of the station, but you can’t go wrong.

    Not to impose or anything – this is just in case you didn’t have anything to do after the show.

  2. Dear Nick & all of the death cab
    thanks for coming to tokyo.
    I enjoyed your show so much and your live was great.
    I wish i could see your last live in Osaka…..
    I like to read your blog so keep posting.
    Anyway, enjoy your stay in Japan, please come back soon.

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