So long Osaka…

Next stop: Australia. Yep. You guessed it. The gold man is going down under. Stay tuned. Until then, here are some tilt-shift fakes I made of Osaka. 

osaka ball

osaka arches


~ by colonycollapse on February 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “So long Osaka…”

  1. I’m almost positive you need to play Sasquatch!….in the gold suit..yeah.

  2. I never get sick of these tilt shifts! Thanks Nick!

  3. The Gold Suit in Australia huh? I’m kinda looking forward to seeing what you guys came up with. I meant to ask about it when I ran into you at Brisbane Airport, but got a little side tracked.

    Thanks again for the autograph!

  4. you! were in my workplace yesterday!?
    i overheard someone talking about “going to tokyu hands and buying a gold suit” and i was thinking “what are the chances there’s more than one american recently in tokyo totally stoked about buying a gold suit” and i peek over the wall and THERE YOU WERE! i privately lost it to my work neighbor, but left it to me eavesdropping while you chatted with my coworker below (sorry!) haha man, it’s not everyday someone from my beloved band AND on my blog feed appears in my workplace~

  5. Yo man. Me and you, and probably Heather, will need to go on photo safari’s on tour. What tilt shift lens do you have. I am going to go buy one for sure, I have always wanted one, but these photos are amazing.

  6. I love looking at your tilt shift photography, and today I found an artist who does tilt shift time lapse work. His name is Keith Loutit, check it out at

    His videos are amazing.

  7. Gold man is hilarious was not expecting to laugh my ass off. Im now traveling vicariously through you. Love your music and your pics.

  8. I love your photography and recently fell in love with your blog…I’ve been gushing about it to friends. Thanks for helping me look like a fool! Luckily they love it, too. I crave your postings now, so gimme more!

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